June, 8 2017

Forensic Medicine Symposium

Forensic Medicine Symposium

Forensic Medicine Symposium 
March 14-15 2018

Medical Education Centre , SITE 1 KFHU Housing Compound 

Symposium Overview : 
Medical practioners are the first liners who discover wide range of legal related issues. This full day symposium is aimed to provide medical students, interns, doctors, nurses and health care professionals with significant education in a wide range of critical subjects encountered in clinical practice 

Domestic violence 
Sexual assualts 
Child abuse and maltreatment 
radiological aspects of abuse 
Forensic roles for ER and GP 
Radiological aspects of trauma and abuse 
Injury Interpretation 
Death Certificate 

Target Audience : 
Medical Students and Interns  
Physicians and Surgeons 
Pediatricians, Gynecologists ER and Family medicine 
Forensic Physician 
Medical Technicians and Paramedics 

CME hours : CME accredited 

For registration :