June, 8 2017

Counterfeit Drugs Symposium

Counterfeit Drugs Symposium

Counterfeit Drugs Symposium 
April 8-9 2018 
KFMC Main Auditorium 

To emphasize the health hazards of counterfeit medication 
To define the roles of WHO ,SFDA, and NGO in overcoming the problem of drug counterfeiting 
To describe the effects of drug counterfeiting on the economy of KSA 
To identify the role of the national regulations, supervision and territorial control of counterfeit drug smuggling 

Counterfeit medications and their harmful effects 
Effect of drug counterfeit on the economy 
Territorial control of counterfeit drug smuggling 
Roles of WHO, SFDA, and NGO in overcoming drug counterfeiting 
How to dispose / decay / deactivate counterfeit drug counterfeit drugs and hazardous medications through new techniques like nuclear radiation or neutron activation 
Safety and security of misused and counterfeit medication 
Legal aspects to counterfeit drugs 
New technical approaches related to misuded medication and counterfeit

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KFMC Staff 250 SAR

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