June, 8 2017

9th Annual Case Based Approach To Controversies In Cardiovascular Diseaes

9th Annual Case Based Approach To Controversies In Cardiovascular Diseaes

Venue : Medical Center Dubai Health City , Dubai , UAE

March 1st - 2nd , 2019

Learning Objectives :

  • Recognize STEMI, Non-STEMI and Stable CAD care considration including tailoring reperfusion strategies , duration of DAPT and antithrombotic approaches
  • Perform appropriate assessment of patients with AF to determine risk for stroke vs risk for bleeding
  • Optimize anticoagualnt approaches to prevent primary and secondary ischemic stroke and avoid hemorrhagic stroke
  • Identify the current challenges in managing aortic and mitral valve disease
  • Summarize key trends and challenges in the prevention of cardiovascular disease 
  • Evaluate contemporary approaches , treatment and managment strategies for patients with systolic heart failure and rhythm disorders
  • Present data on the epidemiology, risk factors , and diagnostic criteria of infective endocarditis
  • Identify common EKG patterns

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