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International Conference of Countering Diabesity

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International Conference of Countering Diabesity 

Venue : Intercontinental Riyadh  | Date : November 1-3, 2016

Organized by : Brand Land IT | Albatol for Exhibitions and Conferences 

Under the patronage of H.R.H Prince Talal Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud 


1. The risks of diabetes and obesity 

2. The latest develppments in the treatment of diabetes and obesity 

3. The role of educational and research institutions against diabesity

4. Develop advanced methods to fight diabetes and obesity 

5. Work on raising public health awareness for the prevention of diabesity 

6. The role of the relevant authorities in the fight against diabesity 


• Build a national strategy based on research findings

• Educate diabetics

• Diabetes and obesity in people with special needs

• The fight against diabetes is a national common mission

• Obesity .. proliferation, risks, and solutions

• The program of health-promoting activities in public education

• Highlight some Arabian experiences in the Arab countries

• Partnership between different governmental, non-governmental, and civil society institutions

• The surrounding of the diabetes and obesity patient and its role in promoting healthy behavior among individuals and communities

• The European countries’ attempt in controlling the spread of diabetes and obesity, and their social support for the patients

• The role of associations and organizations in spreading health awareness and the awareness of doctors and those interested in the Arab countries

• Increase patients’ education to improve self-care diabetes practices

• Coexistence with diabetes; diabetes management; nutrition and fitness

• The work to empower patients with diabetes policies in the areas of health care that is provided in an integrative way.


1-Ministries of health, education, media, trade, and municipalities.

2-Officials of nutrition and diabetes program or departments heads.

3-Youth Welfare and the Saudi Food and Drug Administration

4-Researchers and scientists in the field of diabetes and obesity

5-Health economics / or financing of health services (from the Ministry of Finance).

6-Officials of health policies.

7-Supporting services heads for patients with diabetes and obesity.

8-Professionals including doctors, pharmacists, and the like.

9-Heads of interested scientific associations.

10-Heads of investor companies interested in these areas

CME hours : 24 CME 

Course Fee : Doctors, Specialists, Technicians SR 400 | Students non-specialists SR 200

For Registration and Inquiries : 

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