June, 8 2017

2017 Patient Safety Forum

2017 Patient Safety Forum

20-23 March 2017 | Venue : KSAU-HS Convention Center

Objectives :

  1. Connect leadership, healthcare professional and academic staff to create and sustain a culture for patient safety.
  2. Engage physicians and healthcare professionals to create a safe environment for care
  3. Share and disseminate best practices in patient safety
  4. Highlight challenges and gaps to implement patient safety initiatives
  5. Initiate collaborative projects
  6. Create public awareness on patient safety
  7. Establish and increase research on patient safety


  1. Building capability and leadership
  2. Improving culture and patient experience
  3. Innovating for safer care
  4. Best practice in reducing harm
  5. Technology in patient safety

Target Audiences:

Senior Government representatives

Quality Leaders

Professional association and licensing body representatives

Healthcare organization CEOs and senior staff

Physicians and healthcare professionals from all disciplines

Medical Directors of healthcare organizations and government agencies

Registration :



00966-11-429-1062 | 00966-11-429-1109