June, 8 2017

Basics Statistics Workshop | SPSS

Basics Statistics Workshop | SPSS

Venue : King Faisal Convention Center in King Abdulaziz University | Date : 23-24 December 2016

Organized by : King Abdulaziz University 


Breaking the ICE : Expectation and Course Outline - Pre Test 

Assumptions in planning a research 

Introducing SPSS - Installation and getting started 

Variables definitions and terms 

Data entry and manipulation 

Performing Some functions on Data 

Exercise : Designing a database file entering data 

Describing and exploring data 

Task / Assignment 

Assessment of categorical data - Chi Square test 

Measures risk and Agreement 

Analysing Continuous Data I 

Correalation and Scatterplot 

Exercise : Performing statistics Procedures 

Analysing continuos data II 

Algorhythm for Univariate Analysis 

Exercise : Performing Statistical procedures 

Post Test 

Target Audience : Physicians | Pharmacists | Health Professionals | Interns and Students 

Registration Fees : 

Interns and Students - 1000 SAR (SSIM Members 800 SAR ) 

Others 1300 SAR (SSIM Members 1000 SAR ) 

CME hours : Under Process 


For registration : 

00966-12-640-8252 /00966-561-601-112