June, 8 2017

4th Antibiotic Course

4th Antibiotic Course

Venue : Virtual Medical Academy | Date : 28-29 December 2016

Organized by : Virtual Medical Academy 

Antibiotics are regarded as miracle drugs. they are our most effective weapon against various infectious diseases ranging from simple to complicated cases. If used properly it can save lives. However, in order to choose the correct (antibiotic) is the crucial to understand the basic principles and classification of the bacteria. 

Objective : By attending this event you will be able to : 

Bacterilogy Review (Theory and Practice) 

Understanding principles of antibiotic made easy 

e-review note including  (tables, worksheets, self-assessment , and much more 

Target Audience : 

Pharmacist | General Practitioners | Other healthcare providers 

Course Fee : 300 SAR 

CME hours : CME accredited 

For registration :