June, 8 2017

Successful Conservative Adhesive Restorations in 2017

Successful Conservative Adhesive Restorations in 2017 

Date : 10 January 2017 | Venue : Tiara Hotel , Riyadh 

Organized by : Saudi Dental Society 

Course Objectives : 

New trends and developments in composite and adhesive technology 

Success rate of posterior composite restorations 

Techniques for placing class II restorations 

Techniques for placing the anterior composite restorations with invisible margins

The science behind structural characteristics of composite materials 

To confidently differentiate inidcations for composite resin vs ceramics 

To selcet appropriate composite material for a specific application 

What materials and techniques to use for Class V Restorations

Restore and Open VDO with composite materials 

A step by step approach to the intrinsic layering concept of composite placement 

Materials and techniques that create natural tooth characteristics in finishing and polishing 

Enamel and Dentin bonding concepts 

Indications for fiber reinforced bridges longevity 

Techniques for fabricating fiber - reinforced bridges

Materials used for fabricating fiber-reinforced bridges 

Course Fee : 

Dentists 1000 SAR 


CME hours : under process 

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