June, 8 2017

Researsch Method Winter Course

Researsch Method Winter Course 

Date : 28-31 January 2017

Venue : College of Medicine , King Saud University 

Organized by : King Saud University 

Learning Objectives : 

At the end of this course, Participants will be able to : 

-Know how to define reesearch problems and the research gain 

-Write an IRB form for ethical approval

- Know how to use keywords to find relevant research articles

- Construct an outline for literature review 

- Become familiar with both Quantitative and Qualitative data collection and analysis 

- Understand how to write results and discussions

- Know the basics of preparing a manuscript for publication 

Target Audiences : Students, Researchers, Nurses , Residents, Healthcare Professionals 

CME hours : CME accredited 

For registration : 


whatsapp 0 0966-541-046-844