June, 8 2017

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) 

Venue : International Medical Center Jeddah KSA 

Date : January 17, 2017

Organized by : IMC. Jeddah 

Course Description 

The prevalence of COPD in the general population of Saudi Arabia is about 2.4% . COPD education is an area of growing among all health care providers who deal with patients of obstructive  lung disease and wish to further understanding of the disease process and current management strategies. With a growing COPD population , It is important to be able to discuss relevant issues with such patients group. 

The training program aims to introduce participants to various skills that will be utilized in their role. It also aims to focus on diagnosis , assessment skills, treatment options , O2 Therapy . medication and Disease Management 


Describe the pathophysiology and major components of assessment for a COPD patient

Evaluate and diagnose COPD patient 

Select appropriate diagnostic exams 

Manage both stable COPD & AECOPD 

Target Audience 

Pulmonologists | ICU SPECIALIST | Internists | RT | General Practitioner | Health Educators | Nurses | Residents | Medical Students 


Definition Epidimiology , Risk Factors 

Clinical Evaluation and diagnosis 

Diagnostic tests

Management of stable COPD 

Management of AECOPD 

Course Fee : 200 SAR

For Registration : 

M. Farhat Sultana 

00966-12-650-9000  ext 4326 | 4329