June, 8 2017

Neurovascular Interventional Simulation Course - Ischemic Stroke

Neurovascular Interventional Simulation Course - Ischemic Stroke 

Date : February 22-23 2017

Venue : KFMC . FOM 5th Floor 

Objectives : 

- Determine correct diagnosis of a neurovascular lesion  , cause of condition . prognosis, suggesting differential diagnosis 

- Learning the procedural steps for cerebral angiography 

- Describe indications, contraindications, specific technical aspects of the procedure, interpretation of results and complications 

- Communicate clearly , audibly, and in lay language to explain the procedure to the patient and family . Avoid medical jargon 

- Demonstrate respect and compassion to assure patient's understanding of the procedure 

- Recognize the legal requirements of informed consent 

Target Audiences : 

Neuro Surgery 



Course Fee : 2,500 Saudi Riyals 

CME hours : 12 CME 

For registration : 

Myra Verano 

00966-11-288-9999 ext  10821