June, 8 2017

Basic Surgical Skills Course

Basic Surgical Skills Course

Monday – Thursday 15-16 May 2017 | International Medical Center Jeddah KSA


Course Objective :

The comprehensive course has been designed to introduce surgical trainees to safe surgical practice within a controlled workshop environment.

It aims to teach assess and certify the ability of trainees to use safe and sound surgical techniques that are common to all forms of surgery

By the end of the course the participants will be able to cover three main aspects :

  1. Open surgery techniques
    1. Gowning, gloving , making safe knots, handling surgical instruments, tissue handling , local anesthesia techniques, primary management of infected soft tissue
  2. Electro Surgery
    1. And the safe usage of these devices
  3. Endoscopic Surgery
    1. To understand the differences between open and endoscopic surgery, including the manipulation of the instruments in a three-dimensional surgical environment while viewing a remote tow dimensional image

Topics to be discussed :

  • Basic instrument for suturing techniques
  • Surgical site infection and decompression techniques
  • Future suturing techniques
  • Post course evaluation test


CME hours :  15 CME    || Limited SEATS


Target Audience :

All physicians



Medical Students


For registration :

IMC Jeddah KSA


00966-12-650-9000 ext 4324-4326