June, 8 2017

Health Informatics Training Summer Course / Using Data for Clinical Servces and Patient Survey

Health Informatics Training Summer Course 
Using Data for Clinical Servces and Patient Survey 
from July 02 2017- 06 July 2017
Venue : College of Medicine King Saud University Riyadh KSA 
Learning Objectives : 
At the end of the course , participants will be able to : 
- Understand the field of HEALTH INFORMATICS (HI) in theory and practice 
- Utilize and understand relevant HI Studies and publications using credible databases 
- Understand the nature of medical errors and the role of health informatic in patient safety 
- Become familiar with EHR, CPOE, and DSS 
- Understand how to use data for better health care 
- Explore the current consumer health informatics trends an how mobile applications are used to deliver patient education 
Target Audience : 
Nurses | Pharmacists | Lab Specialists | Physicians | Radiologists | Health Educators | Quality Officers 
Contact and Registration : 
Whatsapp 966-541046844