June, 8 2017

Introduction to PHYTON for HEALTH Data Sciences

Introduction to PHYTON for HEALTH Data Sciences 
02 May 2018 
Venue : Post Graduate Training Center , DPE, KSAU -HS Riyadh KSA 

Objectives : 
Explain the principles of phyton as a programming language 
Define and use basic elements of Phyton such as variables and expression, namespaces and tuples 
Explain and apply data types such as numbers , strings , lists , sets, dictionaries, namespaces and tuples 
Present and practice loop-contructs in Phyton 
Describe the syntax of a function and demonstrate the use of functions 
Present the essentials of modules , libraries , the input and output, and best practice 

Target Audience : 
Healthcare professionals with an interest in Advanced Academic or applied 
Health Research Biostatisticians 
Health Research Scientists 
Post students in health informatics 
Consultant physicians with interest in research 

Course Fee : SAR 1500

For registration : 
PTC Registration Office 
00966-11-429-9999 ext 91111