June, 8 2017

Flap Desing & Suturing

Flap Desing & Suturing

 Workshop Goal :

 The Basic Suturig workshop covers instrument basics such as suture types and selection,proper loading of the needle, wound assessment, local anesthesia , aftercare, and documentation. This course is appropriate for all practicing surgeons, residents and other physicians interested in a greater understanding of basic maxillofacial principles and techniques.

Workshop objectives:

  •  Identify different suture materials and needles
  • Demonstrate wound clousre techniques
  • Describe suture after care


Target Audiences :All Health Professionals 

​​​CME Hours : In process

Course Fee :  Single 1000 SAR | Package 900 SAR | Lecture 500 SAR

For Registration : 

0540038455/ 0550502330