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Your Voice of Safety in Oncology

9th Annual Patient Safety Forum

Your Voice of Safety in Oncology

Venue: Jeddah - Ritz Carlton Hotel 

Date :  24 April 2019

Workshop :

Objectives : 

  • To share actual real patient stories as opportunities for improvement
  • Engage patients in discussions about the potential shortages of treatment plan and possible alternatives and/or consequences
  • To discuss the ongoing challenges of chemotherapy drug shortages and their impact on patient care
  • To examine new opportunities to address the ongoing supply chain
  • To address patient care challenges associated with drug product shortages
  • To identify wether there is a need to build on or create new laws with new recommendations


​​​CME Hours : On process 

Course Fees :150 SR

For Registration : 


E-mail : patientsafety2019@ksau-hs.edu.sa