June, 8 2017

Accredition Preparation Specialist

Accredition Preparation Specialist 

Venue: Dubai Healthcare City,Ibn Sina Bidg 27 , Block C 

Organized by : Logistics for Healthcare Improvement  


    By the end of the course participants will be able to :

  •  Applying highest standards of patient care at healthcare organization
  • Use concepts, tools principles and techniques necessary for application of accerditation standards
  • Be an active participant in  accerditation preparation teams 
  • Identifying what they are still lacking and how to go through bridging the gab
  • Identify the challenges in the change management and how to deal with resistances


Outlines :

  • Provide the knowledge of how to demonstrate the ability of the healthcare orgnaization to meet comply the standards requiremens
  • Accerditation standards overview and how to comply with
  • Discover the challenging standards in each chapter
  • Help the healthcare orgnaization to prepare itself for the accerditation survey
  • Form and activate the team teqnique for preparation for accerditation
  • Overview on date management and improvements tools 
  • Discover the challenging in specific system management (PCI,MMU,FMS)


Course Fees :    2800 SAR before 7 july   ,  3400 SAR regular fees 

​​​CME Hours : On process

For Registration : 

KSA / Tel : +966 12 6196125    /   Mob : +966540592960

UAE  /  Tel : +971 4 4393683   /  Mob : +971568222815

Email : www.lhi-me.com