June, 8 2017

Ultrasound Imaging of the pediatric Patient

Ultrasound Imaging of the pediatric Patient 

Venue: Small Auditorium King Fahed Medical City 

Organized by : king Fahed Medical City



  • Identify the normal sonographic appearance of the targeted area during ultrasound imaging. 
  • Increase the participant’s knowledge and skills to better perform ultrasound imaging for pediatric patients.
  • Describe the demonstrate techniques and protocol for performing an excellent ultrasound examination for pediatric patients.
  • Describe and discuss the common pitfalls during performing the ultrasound examination for pediatric patients, and how to avoid it
  • Identify the sonographic appearance of commonly seen abnormalities of the targeted organ/area.
  • list the capabilities and limitations of ultrasound imaging of pediatric patients.


Course Fees :    

  •  Physician:  Early: 420 SR  |  Late (starts on 18/8/2019): 525 SR
  •  Non-physician:  Early: 315 SR   |  Late (starts on 18/8/2019): 525 SR


CME Hours : On process

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