June, 8 2017

Advanced Pulmonary Function Tests Course

Advanced Pulmonary Function Tests Course 

Venue: Small Auditorium King Fahed Medical City 

Organized by : king Fahed Medical City



  • Define the purpose of pulmonary function test.
  • Identify the different methods of measuring the lung volume.
  • Interpret the pulmonary function test result according to the American thoracic society guidelines.
  • Describe the idea of provocation test.
  • Explain cardiopulmonary exercise testing.
  • Describe respiratory muscles strength test.
  • Challenges in pediatric pulmonary function test.
  • Identification of inflammatory airway diseases using fractional expired nitric oxide.
  • Measuring respiratory system mechanics using forced oscillation system.
  • Describe the diffusion capacity test.
  •  The way to troubleshoot the pulmonary function test.
  • Challenges in the special consideration in pulmonary function test.


Course Fees :    

Respiratory specialist/technicians :  Early(before 1/9/2019): 168 SR  |  Late (after 1/9/2019): 230 SR 

 Students:  Early(before 1/9/2019): 168 SR   |  Late (after 1/9/2019): 230 SR


CME Hours : On process

For Registration :

    +966-11-2889999 / 10929-10941-10939-10942 |    cpd@kfmc.med.sa